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We offer woodworm treaments in the west, north and east of Ireland, with branches in Galway (087 712 9272) , Roscommon (087 7077287), Monaghan (086 790 0700) and Dublin (087 2323172).

Most people have no experience of woodworm until they discover small holes or fine dust in their roof spaces, floors or furniture, this is usually enough evidence to suggest that there is some form of woodworm infestation in their premises, but this must be confirmed by a trained professional. Woodworm is the common name for a number of wood boring insects; there are four species, common furniture beetle, wood boring weevil, death watch beetle and longhorn beetle.

Woodworm Treatments in Galway
Woodworm larva

If you suspect you have a woodworm issue, contact us instantly to arrange your free survey,because we offer a professional, affordable and guaranteed solution to your problem.

These insects lay their eggs on or in timber, and when the larvae emerge they commence feeding on the timber using cellulose in the timber as a source of nutrition. Over time the tunnels that the larvae create weaken the timber and this may lead to a deterioration of the roof structure, floor or furniture. The holes and dusts are made by adults emerging from the timber between May and September.

If a woodworm infestation is confirmed you must consider a professional treatment, otherwise the structure of roof, floor or furniture will continue to deteriorate. Should you consider selling your property potential buyers may be put off unless they are shown evidence of a certified and guaranteed treatment.

Woodworm Treatment

When considering employing a company to carry out a woodworm treatment there are a number of questions you should ask:

  1. What chemical will be used and what are their active ingredients? Are they safe? And will Safety Data Sheets be provided? Will you be shown proof that these are the actual chemicals used?
  2. What method of application will be used i.e. knapsack sprayers, brushes, or ground-based units?
  3. Are the Technicians fully trained and experienced and can their training records be inspected?
  4. Will insulation be removed by the Technicians prior to treatment?
  5. How long will the treatment take and how many Technicians will be involved?
  6. When is it safe to re-enter the property?
  7. When is it safe to enter the roof space?
  8. Will the treatment be certified and guaranteed, and for how long?
  9. When the premises are initially surveyed, will it be by a Salesman, or an experienced Technician who would understand the technicalities involved in the treatment?
  10. Is the company fully registered and insured, and can the certificates be inspected?

We are a 100% Irish owned company. We use various chemicals but we have a preference for Boron Based treatments because of their low toxicity and proven reliability. Boron based treatments also give control over wet rot and dry rot. Our Technicians are fully trained to BPCA and IPCA Standards and have over 20 years experience offering Woodworm Treaments in Ireland. We have recently invested in new ground based sprayers which give more effective spray patterns are less cumbersome and safer to use. We can remove old insulation and attic contents, if required, by the customer. We generally engage two Technicians for each job; the length of time to carry out the treatments and re-entry times will be documented in a written proposal, after the survey is carried out by the Technician. The company is fully registered and insured and we offer a 20 year guarantee.

We will provide a photographic record of each stage of the treatment to ensure confirmation of work carried out and we can provide references from previous customers on request.

Other Services

We provide a range of other pest control treatments. Exterminating Rats, Mice, Wasps, Ants etc. For more info visit pest-control-galway.ie

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